Wednesday, April 9, 2008

《长江7号》– 电影 CJ7

A hilarious story about a Chinese migrant worker and his son and their encounter with a magical outer space toy (CJ7) directed by Stephen Chow, who himself portrayed the father who works in a construction site merely to make their ends meet while sends his son to an expensive private school to get the education which he couldn’t when he was young. The story touches a lot of layers of Chinese lives nowadays: rich and poor, old and new, snob and sincere… Stephen Chow’s typical black humor, as usual, makes the bitter story not only funny, but also warm and full of hope.

I personally like the cheongsam the leading female character wore in the movie very much. This beautiful, caring and genial young teacher dressed in white or baby blue cheongsam is like a breeze in this busy and chaotic world the story happens in. The design is simple, minimum and naturally fits into the movie setting without a bit of abruptness or tackiness.

I’d like to see more traditional Chinese fashion highlights rediscovered and used appropriately in today’s arts and everyday lives.