Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Summertime (1955) - Movie 《旅情》

"Jane Hudson, the middle-aged American spinster Katharine Hepburn(凯瑟琳.赫本) portrays, comes to Venice to fulfill a life-long dream. She meets and falls in love with a charming, married antique dealer (Rossano Brazzi). The affair is brief and one of great delicacy, but when Jane leaves Venice less than two weeks later, she carries with her a memory to light up her lonely future ..."

In spite of a bittersweet romance happened in Venice with 50's charming, I also enjoyed some other things that touched my nerve.

My favorite lines

(During their first date)
RB - “You are a surprising person.”
KH - “Surprising?”
RB - “Every woman should surprise a man at least once.”
KH - “How many times have I surprised you?”
RB - “I think you surprised me all the time.”
KH - “Sometimes, you surprised me.”

RB - “Pleasantly?”
KH - “Well, hah…Hah…”
RB - “Here it is – to many pleasant surprises!”


I was immediately connected and felt nostalgic when the antique dealer bought Jane a gardenia (well, actually she picked it from many other flowers) in their first date. Gardenia has been one of my fondest childhood memories. Almost every house in my hometown had gardenia in the front and/or back garden. During late spring early summer, booming gardenias would scent the air with its unique, sweet, and lasting fragrance. Little girls put them on as hair accessories; ladies use gardenia petals as fragrances in pockets; housewives kept fresh gardenia and buds in vases which can last weeks. It was heavenly especially at night when the breezes brought the gardenia scents to every corner of the town…


Given the nature of the character as a spinster, KH didn't have a lot of fancy dresses in this film. Most of the dresses she wore were plain, fully covered and in understated color tones - khaki, white, pale green/blue and burnt orange. Still, they looked great in KH's tall and slender figure accessorized with elegant pearl chokers and earings. As the romance between Jane and the antique dealer unfolded, KH was spotted in several beautiful dresses. She looked luminous in the lavender silk polka dot summer dress during their first date in the Piazza San Marco. For the second date, she wisely picked a little black dress (LBD), which she was stunning in. Here once again, I have to speak highly of the magic an LBD can bring to women. It is always there for you as an elegant and comfort companion in every important moment of your life.

Several beautiful dresses donned by the other ladies in the film are worthwhile to mention: the owner of the boarding house on the canal was elegant, mature in a navy blue full skirt with three rows of white lace decorated around the hemline. The delicate gold necklace and bracelet revealed her sophisticated taste and well-heeled lifestyle; the artists' wife who stayed in the same house also had several nice dresses. One of them was a full skirt in linen with denim patched stripes (as pictured)

And last but not least, the leading male character, the antique dealer was very well dressed too! He had impeccable suits, no matter the light gray suit he donned the afternoon they first encountered in Piazza San Marco, or the camel suit for their first date, or the blue suit at the second date. All of them were well tailored and fit and matched with white dress shirts and a hint of color touch by selected ties, very gentlemen and Italian. I guess guys without a clue about clothes can get some inspirations from the movie as well.

More pictures from the movie:

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